Fashion clothes: The Stripes

They are everywhere: clothing with stripes this spring are not an integral part of the collections of fashion designers. Particularly striking that the striped look of the timeless fashion classics like striped shirt, striped blouse, sweater in navy or pinstripe suit style, has clearly emancipated. Whether it blazer, coat, pants, summer or evening gown – make thin, wide, vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes pattern before any garment more grip.

Then, more urgent the question arises how can you implement the striped look best for your figure?

Stripes make you fat.

Right. However, not always … Stripes are quite striking and in many cases very high-contrast pattern, which – like all strong pattern – drawing attention to themselves.

You should therefore carefully consider what body areas you want to attract more attention. Vertically fine strips can even develop a stretching effect. Therefore, clothing with pinstripes in the right place are quite figured beneficial. Conclusion:Pants, skirts, blazers and dresses with pinstripes – as fine, vertical stripes on a dark background – are easily portable for women.

High contrast, wide stripe pattern, you should apply generally only as voluptuous woman slim body zones or as accents, for example wear collar or seams on shoes, bags and scarves.

Stripes can lengthen or broaden areas of the body.

Our eye tends to follow lines. This means that horizontal stripes make the eye from left to right (and back again) scan the width of each body part. Vertical lines lead the eye to the body up and down slides and emphasize the length or height of the corresponding body part.

So either the horizontal or the vertical lines of the figure are accentuated. Here, the eye rests preferably on wide strips.Conclusion:To a lean body that you want to highlight, you also can apply horizontal bands.If you want to put an optical counterweight to the lower body, do the wide, horizontal stripes placed, for example, at the hem of a skirt. If you have a long torso, wider, horizontal stripes can visually shorten this. In addition, large women can use it to look smaller.