Fashion Trends 2013: How to find out what you really need

Do not overlook the fashion trends for 2013. Today Peplum tops are announced, tomorrow it is fringed jackets, tomorrow colourful prints, stripes or patterns as and monochromatic outfits. What are the reports from fashion magazines of all countries of the hot new trends for the coming seasons?How do you decide whether a particular trend perhaps belongs in your wardrobe? I like the trend. I find it aesthetically pleasing.

This is of course is the basic requirement. Even if it is actually of course, but it should be mentioned at this point. If you do not like floral prints or other patterns, you do not wear it!

The trend toward my colour type

If a so-called trend, colour does not match your colour type: Hands off! Stick to the base and accent colours of your perfect wardrobe. Of course, you can replace a colour from your colour spectrum to another.

The trend toward my figure type

With trends that have to do with certain cuts and silhouettes, it is quite simple. If the garment at an unfavourable place for your body proportions too much volume, it is too tight or showing too much skin, you do not need it. The same goes for patterns that draw attention to an unfavourable body zone.

With the variety of fashionable shapes, colours, patterns and fabrics, there are probably many things that you could wear. However, but the question is which of these makes you look particularly good?

For example, transparent materials could be used to conjure the optimum cut out shape without showing too much skin. Find any clear purpose for a trend; it cannot help to make you look slimmer, fresh, elegant or otherwise advantageous.

Do you really need extra clothing in your closet?

Do you think that something is missing? For example, the perfect outfit for special occasions in your life. If you have outdated outfits, they could replace or refresh with a trend piece?Run new trends into your wardrobe, so to renovate your look and the new parts to be combined perfectly with your existing clothes.